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Information om problem med vevhusventilation och oil sludge i motorerna B205 och B235 i Saab 95 och Saab 93 finns här.

 Hi there!

My name is Göran Larsson and this is one of my playgrounds. The contents and layouts of these pages may change at any time, may change often, or may not change at all for a long time.

There are no deep thoughts behind the name given to these pages, Angry Kitchen Appliances. It is just an odd phrase that was used as a working name, and then never replaced.

The current version of this site has squared minimalism as the theme. Hope you like it.

 Local weather

The local weather at my house is registered by computer. Currently the temperature is 9.1 °C, humidity is 85 % and wind speed is 0.0 m/s .

The local weather is presented in detail on my weather page. The page is in Swedish.

 Software repository

I have started to build up a software repository containing software that might be of use to someone.

Currently the repository has software for any Unix, some software for Sun Solaris systems, and some software specifically for Mac OS X systems. Available is also a program that can talk to Ericsson GSM phones.

 Saab 95

I have written some pages about Saab 95.

You can read my FAQ with answers I have answered too many times. Some of the changes I've done to my 95 are documented on the information page. A page with some links to other Saab sites is also available.

Information om problem med vevhusventilationen i motorerna B205 och B235 i Saab 95 och Saab 93 finns här.

 Display repository

My display repository is a virtual museum of almost extinct display types and shapes.

The repository has a large number of tiny images (over 3000 right now) that can be used to construct virtual LED, VFD (vacuum fluorescent display), GDT (gas discharge tubes), LCD, and CRT displays on devices like calculators and clocks.

Display samples

Please visit the display repository for a look-see, to download a virtual display image set, or to generate your own composite display image.

 Important links

Some links worth a visit.

 Contact me

Information about how to contact me.


My web pages are partly hand-crafted pieces of HTML and partly automatically generated HTML, both following the HTML 4.01 Strict DTD. The HTML pieces, the images, and other files, are assembled into a complete website using a Perl program. The web pages also use CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, to give the browser a hint about the desired layout. Users using browsers with broken CSS, e.g. the old Netscape 4, will experience some odd stylistic quirks, but the information content should still be readable. The web pages does not use any client side scripting, no cookies, no Flash, and no applets. No Microsoft products were used in the creation of this website. The pages are validated using the W3C HTML Validation Service and tested using the most common browsers; Opera, Safari, Mozilla, Camino, Firefox and Lynx.

The current theme is called squared minimalism and is based on squares in seven colors.



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